More than "best friends," our pets are truly a "part of the family." A large part. A joyous part. From a wiggle-waggle walk to a wet snout or whisker tickling the back of our shoulder, our pets are a reassuring reminder that all is well with the world...and love, indeed, is unconditional.

Celebrate your friendship and keep that special love on display, in your memory and within your heart forever.

Because of all the joy they give you!


With the eye of an artist and the gentle spirit of a poet, Susan Reib brings your precious pets to life on stone! This is a special art and Susan's love of animals and pets are reflected in her portraits.

Her work with "Precious Pets" brings Susan - and her delighted clients - great joy. Susan is captivated by the concept of celebrating people's pets by painting their favorite photos on stone. For the garden, on the mantle, a quiet moment, a beloved memory...her simple idea became a smash success. Instantly.

From dogs and cats to birds and bunnies. And turtles. Owls. Tigers. Ducks. Horses. Any pet or animal photo that makes you smile or simply makes your world a brighter place, you may always see in your mind's eye - but Susan will keep it alive forever.

And that's a promise made in stone.

Susan works from Eastwicke Village Gift & Art Gallery, in Sierra Madre, just above Pasadena, in Southern California.